Consulting Services

We think the most effective models are built by humans and machines working together.

We can help in the following areas:

Revenue Growth

  • Recommendation Engine

    Data driven recommendation engine, for cross and up selling

  • Customer Matching

    Master custom key, to identify common customers across business verticals

  • Pricing Engine

    Optimize pricing, via leveraging realtime demand and supply curve

  • Customer Churn

  • Advertisement Optimization

  • New Customer Lead Scoring

Fraud Prevention

  • Identity Solutions

  • Pattern Mining

  • Negative Community Detection

  • Entity Flux Forensics

  • Voice Biometrics

  • Feature Engineering

Expense Reduction

  • Collections Optimization

    Identify the customer pool, which has the ability and willingness to pay back.

  • Risk Rules optimization

    Optimize the risk rules, to minimize the business disruptions

  • Optimize Service Center Operations