Our Services

At Hudson data, we harness the power of computer science, numbers and domain knowledge to solve for the burning business needs. We have worked with various fortune 100 companies, providing them with a return on their investment with a factor of 10x-30x.

We can help in the following area:

Revenue Growth

  • Recommendation Engine

    Data driven recommendation engine, for cross and up selling

  • Customer Matching

    Master custom key, to identify common customers across business verticals

  • Pricing Engine

    Optimize pricing, via leveraging realtime demand and supply curve

  • Customer Churn

  • Advertisement Optimization

  • New Customer Lead Scoring

Fraud Prevention

  • Identity Solutions

  • Pattern Mining

  • Negative Community Detection

  • Entity Flux Forensics

  • Voice Biometrics

  • Feature Engineering

Expense Reduction

  • Collections Optimization

    Identify the customer pool, which has the ability and willingness to pay back.

  • Risk Rules optimization

    Optimize the risk rules, to minimize the business disruptions

  • Optimize Service Center Operations