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Applied Data Science

At Hudson Data, AI is as much an art as a science. With solutions like ML Graph and Model Factory, we have created a comprehensive platform that fast tracks machine learning models into production. Our experienced teams of business leaders, data scientists, and engineers, combine AI/ML with Big Data platforms to rapidly solve real business problems.

In addition to standard AI/ML techniques, we work with cutting edge research from academia, and collaborate with industry to develop and deploy innovative, working solutions.

Consulting Services

Speed is of the essence. We think the most effective models are built by humans and machines working together. Hudson Data deploys Data Science Pods that include Delivery Managers, Data Scientists, Engineers, and Analysts, that work with client experts to help design and deploy cutting-edge models.

The approach employs disciplined, methodical experimentation. By applying repetitive experiments that execute thousands of models, we can achieve incremental improvements that ultimately lead to measurable gains and desired results.

Our Impact   

We have been able to significantly improve our client’s revenue streams and reduce fraud losses. Here are some examples.

Leading On-Line Lending Firm – Predictive models power the underwriting of $1+ Billion annually

Fortune 500 Firm – Saving $30 Million annually by predicting fraud early in the customer lifecycle.